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Verona at Naylor Metro

Vito Dragone formed Dragone Realty Investments and Dragone Construction for multifamily renovations.

Below are the details for the renovation and rebranding of Lynnhill Condominiums to Verona at Naylor Metro in Prince George’s County, Maryland

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This project involved the complete renovation, rehabilitation and rebranding of Lynnhill Condominiums in Prince George’s County, MD.

The objective was to create a beautiful and safe living environment for the future residents.

This repositioning not only upgraded the building to current life-safety standards; but also used superior materials that made it stand out among its competition.

Before After

Extensive structural repairs were required to stabilize the building before cosmetic upgrades could begin.

Brick and masonry repairs were followed by the installation of new energy efficient windows and balcony doors.

Balcony railings were replaced, and a beautiful custom metal louver was added to the exterior to camouflage the individual heat and cooling units.

Crumbling emergency stairs were replaced with new metal and concrete pan stairs. Asbestos and lead paint removal was also necessary before upgrades could begin inside the building.

The first step in the renovation of this property was to restore power to the building.

The building was stripped of all copper wiring and cables before the start of the project rendering all circuitry and panels unusable.


Provisional generators, electrical panels, and conducting cables were used during construction.

These were later were replaced with all new permanent three-phase back-up generators, electrical panels, switch gears and wiring.

Pepco required the relocation and upgrade of existing transformer.

Before After

The original building had no fire suppression system. This photo shows the new fire pump room and fire sprinkler system with a 300 GPM pump and dedicated transfer switch connected to city power and back-up generators.

The entire building has been brought up to code and is now fully protected. The existing building only had smoke detectors in the common areas and many were not working.

These were removed and replaced by intercommunicated regular and carbon monoxide smoke detectors in the hallways, confined spaces, mechanical rooms, elevator shafts, common areas, and inside the new apartments.

Before After

Non-functioning elevators were replaced with upgraded elevator shafts with 4 Traction Passenger Elevators designed for energy efficiency in each of the 7-story buildings.

The existing leaking gravel roof was replaced with a new TPO white flat roof on both buildings.

A slope was created for drainage using insulation crickets. Finally, new metal coping was installed with 14 new roof pipes.

A new 12.5 RTU roof mounted HVAC system was added for corridors and common areas.

The parking lot was resurfaced along with new striping.

The old perimeter fencing around the property was replaced and a gated community pedestrian and vehicle entry access control system was installed at the parking lot and building entrances.

The interior of each unit was completely demolished to create newly remodeled apartments which include SPC waterproof vinyl flooring, granite counter tops, new kitchen cabinets, stainless steel hardware, PVC Venetian mini and vertical blinds, high efficiency LED light fixtures, and life-safety features that meet current county standards.

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